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Welcome to the California Reentry Council Network (CRCN)

The CRCN is a statewide network to connect local reentry councils, roundtables, and task forces to each other and to promote information and resource sharing aimed to improve reentry outcomes for people returning to local communities after release from jails and prisons.


What is a Reentry Council?

Reentry refers to the transition of individuals who are incarcerated in prisons or jails back into the community after release. Currently, there are reentry efforts emerging throughout the US and in California that employ evidence-based strategies focused on comprehensive planning and coordinated service delivery to increase the likelihood that individuals will make safe and successful transitions back into their communities after incarceration.

Reentry Councils, Partnerships, and/or Roundtables refer to groups that are organized to coordinate local reentry efforts. They may focus on: (1) sharing local reentry information and resources; (2) developing directories of local reentry services; (3) organizing collaborative reentry planning and policy development; (4) and/or encouraging public engagement in local reentry efforts. Membership in various Reentry Councils, Partnerships, and/or Roundtables may differ, though most aim to engage multiple community reentry stakeholders including local government agency leadership, community service providers, individuals who have been previously incarcerated and/or their family members, and other community leaders.

Santa Clara County Publishes Initial Recidivism Report of AB 109 Program

The Santa Clara County Office of Reentry Services presented an “Initial Recidivism Report” on the County’s Public Safety Realignment Program (AB 109) to the Public Safety & Justice Committee on May 21, 2014.  To see the full report, please click here Santa Clara County AB 109 Initial Recidivism Rate and Two Years Outcome_May 2014 (1).

Santa Cruz County launches AB 109 Toolkit

The Community Education and Engagement Workgroup of Santa Cruz County’s Community Corrections Partnership has published an AB 109 toolkit to educate local service providers, their staff, clients, boards and other key stakeholders about AB 109.  The toolkit currently includes: a brief discussion of the context and opportunities of AB 109 and its outcomes locally, Frequently Asked Questions about AB 109, information sheets for referrals and services available to AB 109 clients, and a glossary of terms.  Please click here to access the AB 109 toolkit.

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