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Sacramento County Sheriff’s Reentry Council

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department formed a Reentry Council and had their first kick off meeting on March 7, 2012.  The Council meets monthly and has developed its mission and vision statement and several subcommittees.  The Reentry Council is a collaborative effort of multi-jurisdictional and community stakeholders working together to help inmates and probationers successfully reenter and reintegrate into the community.

Please click here for a copy of the Sacramento County Reentry Council Mission-Vision Statement and click here for the 2014 Sacramento County Reentry Council Membership List.   Please click here for the 2014 Sacramento Reentry Council Meeting Schedule.

For more information about the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Reentry Council, please contact Jodi Mendonca at

For more information about the collaborative partners of the Reentry Council, please see the following websites:

Sacramento CCP:

Sacramento Sheriff’s Department:

Sacramento Probation Department:

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Sacramento Probation’s Adult Day Reporting Center Graduation January 30, 2014

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